Karang Malang village is one of a boarding house in Yogyakarta. Boarder of a boarding house consist of lectures, employers and vendors . A boarding house consist of 3 kind, namely were a boarding house for men, a boarding house for women and a boarding house for both. Then location of a boarding house have 2 kind, too, namely were a boarding house that separate with a landlord’s house and a boarding house in a landlord’s house.
A boarding house in Karang Malang village have been unique condition. In one kind of a boarding house, can dwell with one or two sex together. But boarders can understand about different condition with some main. Then interaction between boarders house for men and boarders house for women have been good relation. This condition become most important focus of this research was territory in a boarding house.
Research done with naturalistic kualitatif method for 3 month. This sample of unit eksploration and analysis data in 11 boarding houses. Researcher always try to eksplore every data and then done dept interview with another else. The technic of collected data are Purposive Sampling, Snowball Sampling and system Cross Sectional
Result from this research have showed a communal space became private area, in a boarding house . Interaction phenomena in a boarding houses was in their room and every boarders do not disturb their activities. A communal space can see as one of complete facility of their daily activity, but personal room has not clear function

Key words : boarding house, communal space, landlord