Cases Study : Desa Pringgading RT 01/RW VII
Kelurahan Setabelan, Kecamatan Banjarsari Surakarta
Dyah . S. Pradnya .P
Made Suastika

Pringgading village RT 01/RW VII is a district of a crowded settlement that is location on North of the Pepe river bank on village head oof Kepatihan. For the greater part of residents have cooking on along alleyways. Bussines working of cooking have exclusive mark of Pringgading village. Beside that, every resident could see more often to do some activities in outside of house than in inside of house. The alleyways on the village have been being function as open space to some activities. A people across of district on Pringgading village RT 01/RW VII always became point of interest them even if always take eyes contact and stimulus to address with residents that sat on the edge of alleyways. Open space was identical with communal space along alleyways as if change function as private space. This condition have result teritory of residents activities became bias with a stranger on this alleyways. This condition arouse situasion certain for every person across on Pringgading village.
This research have done with Naturalistik Kualitatif method for 8 month. This sample used as unit of exploration and analysis consist of 45 houses that located on the 4 alleyway . For observation, researcher always exploration every data and take some information from some source. To collected data used to teknik Purposive Sampling technical, Snowball Sampling technical dan Cross Sectional system.
Result of this research showed the communal space has 3 kind of territory namely a job territorial, an interaction territorial and a stranger territorial. The territory of every activities have been different depend on of individual bussines. The setting of communal space is transparent space, liquid, on along alleyway and closed.

Key words : communal space, cooking, interaction